[Tutor] How can I see properly my korean.

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu May 31 15:09:04 CEST 2007

Young-gyu Park wrote:
>             fileHandle = open (
>     '/var/chroot/www/htdocs/django/js/model.js', 'w' )
>             fileHandle.write( codecs.BOM_UTF8 )
>             print >> fileHandle, 'var blog = '
>             print >> fileHandle, blog
>             fileHandle.close()
> This is the part of my whole source code.

OK, blog is a dict containing nested dicts. The problem is that printing
a dict prints the repr() of the contents of the dict, which gives you
the \x escapes for your strings.
> I try to convert the python dict into javascript array.

Since you are clearly using Django, I suggest you use the simplejson
module to do the serialization as I showed in my previous email. Instead of
  print >> fileHandle, blog
  print >> fileHandle, dumps(blog, ensure_ascii=False)

where dumps is imported from django.utils.simplejson


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