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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 3 09:44:49 CET 2007

"Gman" <gmoonn at gmail.com> wrote

> Bear in mind "newbie alert" I have 2.5 on windows M.E. and all is 
> well,

OK, Then I wouyldn't worry too much but...

> if I try to use a dos box I get bad command etc.

Thats because the PATH envirtonment variable is not set.
To fix it open c:\AUTOEXEC.BAT in notepad
Find the line that starts


and at the end of the line add a semicolon followed
by the path to your Python folder(the one with the exe file in)

Save AUTOEXEC.BAT and reboot.
It should now work OK

> but if I use the python dos everything works.Is this normal

Yes the installer sets up a shortcut to the interpreter
which opens a DOS window, but since about v2.2 the
installer (for some strangereason) does not set up the
PATH variable.

> or do I need to have windows dos in the path somehow?Or does it 
> really
> matter,it's all the same dos isnt it.

Its the same DOS but the problem is that the window
brought up from the menu is riunning python, the DOS
window is running plain old DOS. You cannot run
Python scripts from the Python window only from
the DOS one. This makes debugging Tkinter programs
and some others much easier that trying to run them
from within IDLE orr Pythonwin.

> And how do you clear the Tkinter  window.

Not sure what you mean. Clear what? From which Tkinter window?

Alan Gauld
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