[Tutor] Some question about OO practice

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sun Nov 4 15:11:59 CET 2007

John wrote:
> Thanks,
> One last question (okay, one MORE question ;) ) when you call a 
> method/function with optionaly *args **kwargs, I'm finding I need to 
> make the statement like;
> def myFunc(self, *args,**kwargs):
>   do something
> In ord to pass the kwargs:
> myFunc(**kwargs) # where kwargs is a dictionary
> or for args:
> myFunc(a,b,c, etc.)
> It is correct that you need to use the '**' in the 'calling' statement?

Yes, if the keyword args are in a dict you have to use ** at the point 
of call. You can also specify the args directly:
myFunc(x=1, y=2)


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