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> Whatever the rationale for the price you could buy 2nd Ed 'Core', Chun
> *and *3rd edition(when it arrives) 'Learning Python', Lutz (the two
> standard, known and respected beginners texts) for the price of this.
> Mmm, I wonder what I would buy or rather have as a student.

i've been skimming through michael's and david's book over the past
week. fiscally, you are correct with your remark, but i have to be
honest and say that michael's and david's book spends a bit more time
introducing the concepts of OOP/OOD more carefully and more thought
out than either mine or david's and mark's books.

our books target existing programmers who (may already have some OO
under their belt and/or) want to pick up python right away, rather
than someone new to object-oriented methodologies (and perhaps
programming) using python as the primary development vehicle. of
course there is an OO intro in Core Python, but it is not a thorough
treatment. as i've hinted, it's really the target audience.

still, your point is well taken. fwiw, most aspects of the selling of
a book (including its cover price) is almost -always out of the
control of the author(s).

-- wesley
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