[Tutor] __doc__ strings for attributes?

Wesley Brooks wesbrooks at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 12:02:56 CET 2007

Dear Users,

How can I add information to an object to explain what it expects as
it's attributes? For instance I may have an object that creates a CAD
file based on a set of default values which are set by the __init__
but can be altered before it runs. for example;

class MakeBasicShape:
    def __init__(self):
        self.boundsOptions = ['cuboid', 'cylinder', 'cad']
        self.boundsInfo = ['cuboid', [0.,10.,0.,10.,0.,10.]']

    def MakeIt(self):
        assert self.boundsInfo[0] in self.boundsOptions,
               "Option not recognised: %s", self.boundsInfo[0]
        if self.boundsInfo[0] == 'cuboid'
            bounds = self.boundsInfo[1]
            .... # code to make box
        elif self.boundsInfo[0] == 'cylinder'
            [height, radius, noSides] = self.boundsInfo[1]
            .... # code to make cylinder
        elif self.boundsInfo[0] == 'cad'
            fileName = self.boundsInfo[1]
            .... # code to load CAD file
        return shape

if __name__ == '__main__':
    shapeFactory0 = MakeBasicShape()
    shape0 = shapeFactory.MakeIt() # a box

    shapeFactory1 = MakeBasicShape()
    shapeFactory1.boundsInfo = ['cylinder' ,[20.,10.,36]]
    shape1 = shapeFactory.MakeIt() # a cylinder

    shapeFactory2 = MakeBasicShape()
    shapeFactory2.boundsInfo = ['cad' ,'/home/Wes/BigHand.stl']
    shape2 = shapeFactory.MakeIt() # a CAD file

While this example could be coded with different functions for making
a box, cylinder, and loading the CAD file I wanted to use attributes
to control the object to simplify interaction with it from the user
interface code. I would like to move away from getters and setters as
they're taking up vast chunks of my code at the moment and do very

Can I also stop new attributes being added to the MakeBasicShape class?

Thanks in advance of any help.

Wesley Brooks

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