[Tutor] Memory consumption question

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Fri Nov 16 03:50:16 CET 2007

OK, the analogy is cute, but I really don't know what it means in 
Python. Can you give an example? What are the parts of an old-style 
class that have to be 'ordered' separately? How do you 'order' them 
concisely with a new-style class?


Marc Tompkins wrote:
> I thought of an analogy I like better than my sign-painting one: 
> ordering a sandwich. 
> Imagine: you're at the deli, and your waitron asks what you want.  
> (Granted, this is a silly example.)
>   "Classic" order: "I'd like a sandwich with two slices of rye bread, 
> Russian dressing, corned beef, and Swiss cheese.  Oh, and I'd like that 
> grilled." 
>   "New-style" order: "Reuben, please."
> Now, I speak not of the time and materials required to construct the 
> above-mentioned tasty treat - in my analogy, Python is the 
> long-suffering waitron, not the cook - but I gotta figure that the 
> second option will take less space to write on the check.  Perhaps about 
> 134 bytes' worth.

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