[Tutor] Q2: logging not working as expected

Eric Brunson brunson at brunson.com
Fri Nov 16 22:33:00 CET 2007

Kent Johnson wrote:
> dave selby wrote:
>> I was trying to get logging to report to Syslog, that failed so I
>> changed it to write to a file 'python.log' .  When I execute my test
>> script 'python.log' appears but contains no messages and no error
>> messages are generated.
>> Anybody any ideas as to what I am doing wrong ?
> The root logger is still logging only to Syslog. What if you make the 
> root logger just output to hand02?
> You might try cutting your config down to just the root logger and file 
> handler, get that working, then expand.

Good advice, Kent.  When in doubt, simplify.

Sometimes I find the answer to my problems just trying to reduce it down 
to a simple test case to post to a forum like this.  :-)


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