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Tue Nov 20 19:03:02 CET 2007

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Subject: Re: [Tutor] Wrong version of Python being executed

>>It is a bit odd since normally Pythons installation mechinism only
>>does it for the PY file on install.  You may have clicked on it
>>sometime in the past and then selected "run with" and it remembered
>>the association.

I'm pretty sure every time I've installed Python that the associations
get changed. However, since the executable is the same name for all
versions of python (but the path is different), this doesn't help when
you want to use one version instead of another.

File associations are checked first, then it will check the path if
there is no association.  This is default windows behavior.

>>Glad you got it sussed out!
I know the reason of the strange behaviour, but not a solution at this point.
I have a library which only works for Python2.3. When I start working
on that project again, I 'll have to re-associate .py with 2.3.
This isn't convenient (and it's likely I will have forgotten all about
this by then) :-)

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