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chinni srikanth007m at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 05:45:24 CEST 2007


I am working on MAC and my App was based on Xml file.If any updates r any
changes in the xml file my app will load that changes.
as i am new to python.i want to automate that one.
there will be one URL and size will mention in that Xml file.i want to write
a script so that it will download the file and have to check the size with
my Xml file and downloaded file size.if size mismatch it has to show both
current size and also xpected size.I want to write a script.so that  it has
to start download all App's at a time.so finally here is the sample O/P

Appname      Downloadedsize  Expectedsize   result
XXXX             2554958              2554958          Pass
XXXX             832158                754112            Fail

Here the size is in KB's.Now plz tell me how to write the script in python.
Thanx in Advance to all :)

M.Srikanth Kumar,
Phone no: +91-9866774007
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