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max baseman dos.fool at gmail.com
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sorry, what i was trying to say was, how would i write something that  
at first tries to create a hidden file on a apple computer then if  
the computer was not a apple creates a hidden file on a windows OS

i have slowly been reading your tutorial and it's really one of the  
best tuts i've ever read i really like and that was the first place i  
checked but in the GUI section the text entry bit is for a single  
line of text

On Oct 3, 2007, at 3:58 PM, Alan Gauld wrote:

> "max baseman" <dos.fool at gmail.com> wrote
>> i've got two questions, 1st how would you go about creating a hidden
>> text file that trys on a apple and if that does not work tries to do
>> it on a windows computer?
> I don;t undeetabnd this bit. What does the text file try on
> the Apple/Windows computer?
>> the program I'm making is a vary simple text editor for one file all
>> it needs to be able to do is add text and save. as far as i can see
>> i'll mostly need to use the text widget but i cant find a tutorial
>> for that widget mostly just for the text entry widget which is only
>> for one line of text. if anyone knows a good tut that would be great
> This should only be about 20 lines of code. The Text widget plus
> the standard fole open/save dialogs should dop all you need.
> For a very simple example of using the Text widget see the case
> study and the Event Driven programming topics of my tutor.
> For more detail see Fred Lundh's Tkinter reference.
> When you get stuck ask here.
> HTH,
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