[Tutor] using python to execute from Dir A in Dir B

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> this module.class - if someone with more experience would feel  
> inclined to provide an example, I would be very much appreciative.

The subprocess module documentation has several examples 
of using both the Popen class and the call function.

The given example for os.system is:

sts = os.system("mycmd" + " myarg")
p = Popen("mycmd" + " myarg", shell=True)
sts = os.waitpid(p.pid, 0)To which you would need to add cwd=path making it:p = Popen("mycmd" + " myarg", shell=True, cwd=path)
sts = os.waitpid(p.pid, 0)The other difference using Popen is that it raises an OSError exception if the program fails to run so you should wrap the calls in a try/except if you want to catch that.HTH,

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