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When I started out (not long ago), I started working on projects I had the need for. I have done a lot of small sysadmin projects, and they have all been things I found I needed or would help me doing sysadmin work. 

Try to think of tasks you have to often do that are at all subject to automation. Even ones that seem like they might be hard to automate, might be a good target for a starting project. The good thing about working on sysadmin projects is that it is a well-travelled path. Someone has likely written something similar to what you need, so finding inspiration and help is not as hard as with other sorts of projects.

If you really need inspiration, check out the Python Cookbook: http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Python/Cookbook/  It has lots of great examples of relatively small things average people have completed in Python. Maybe you can start by finding several that do things you need, and write something to weave them together.

Happy coding!

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What is a good way to find a project to work on? I really want to work
on something but I can not think of anything useful to write. I am
interested in sysadmin stuff (backups, monitoring, etc). That being
I don't really have experience writing apps like that. But I really
to learn.


Eric Lake

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