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Sat Oct 13 21:19:41 CEST 2007

Hi there,

I'm not familiar with Mandrake, but I use Ubuntu Linux and my package
manager does updates for me. It looks like Madrake has a package manager
called urpmi according to Wikipedia - have you tried using that to install a
new RPM package for Python 2.5.1 or simply trying to have it automatically
update for you? If you have some other package manager there may be a
different way to do it though - if you had apt-get or Synaptic I could walk
you through it that way.

Anyway, once you do have it installed, I believe that /usr/bin/python just
has the basic stuff and references everything else in the other executable
script, so you shouldn't have to change the "#!" line ever ever.

I hope something I said helps with Q4&5!


On 10/13/07, LandSurveyor <chiselchip at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I wish to upgrade Python from the [Vers.] 2.3.4 that came packaged with my
> Mandrake 10.1 Linux OS to the current 2.5.1.  The 'hash/bang' line of my
> python scripts is "#!/usr/bin/python".  There are two files, both
> executables, in my /usr/bin directory; they are 1)python, and 2)python2.3.
> I just simply don't know what to do next!?  The advise I can google to is
> typically overly generous, full of contradictions (sometime within the same
> post..."Well you can do this, but if you wanna do that instead...").  Well,
> I don't know why "I want to do this", or "do that instead".  I just want to
> know where to put my new version of python, and when I unzip/configure/and
> so on..., will I end up with:
> 1)an application that will pick up seamlessly and run my apps?
> 2)will pythontutor still be available?
> 3)will I have an upgraded & accessible package of modules?
> 4)will I need to modify the "hash/bang" line?
> 5)when I type 'python' on a command line, how will I access the new 2.5.1rather than the older version?
> i.e., where do I go to modify the results of that request?
> Oh, and could I-as I understand (to a limited degree) Linux- install the
> entire package within my home directory, following the principle that I am a
> user without admin privileges, and then change the "hash/bang" line to
> redirect to my 'embedded' version, and thus be running 2.5.1 within my own
> little world?  And if I did so, the same questions persist.  If I asked for
> a module, would I get the one from my 2.5.1, or the module that exists in
> the older 2.3.4?  And when I entered 'python' from a command line (to
> access the interpreter) how would I get my 2.5.1 version, rather than the
> older 2.3.4.
> It's just amazing, the array of niggling little questions that no one
> thinks about, but that create unmountable stumbling blocks once they pop up
> in the middle of your path, isn't it!?  But, they are enough to completely
> stop me in my tracks, and they are the nitty-gritty questions that no one
> seems to think important enough to address and clarify.
> Thanks, folks.
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