[Tutor] Variables in workspace

Eli Brosh ebrosh at nana10.co.il
Sun Oct 14 18:05:07 CEST 2007

Many thanks to Bob and Kent and all the good people in the tutor forum.
The dir() and del work really well !


מאת: bob gailer [mailto:bgailer at alum.rpi.edu]
נשלח: ש 10/13/2007 17:35
אל: Kent Johnson
עותק לידיעה: Eli Brosh; tutor at python.org
נושא: Re: [Tutor] Variables in workspace

Kent Johnson wrote:
> bob gailer wrote:
>> The del statement is the way to delete variables. Since dir() gives
>> you their names one needs use eval.
>> for varName in dir():
>>     eval 'del ' + varName
> I think del globals()[varName] would work.
Yep. That was nagging a corner of my brain, but not surfacing.

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