[Tutor] upgrading Python

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 15 10:20:41 CEST 2007

"LandSurveyor" <chiselchip at earthlink.net> wrote

> had never used a link before.  Didn't know why I would want to.

Links are super cool, you can do lots with them, just beware
of circular references or things like tar or cp -r will go into
endless loops!

> and got as far as 'make', when it required me to have SU privileges
> (so much for the theory that I could do all I wished within my own 
> 'world').

You can, but you need to edit make to remove any hard coded paths
or if it iuses references to environment variables make sure they 
to where you want them to point.

The standard makefile script assumes you are building Python
in the 'standard' place and so uses the standard locations for
things like libraries, man pages etc.

> That speed bump has undermined a number of concepts
> I thought I'd figured out-regarding autonomy for a user-so
> I don't know now what I don't know.).

Users have autonomy but still rely on accessing things (like man 
libraries and executables) from general purpose locations. If you want
to create new versions of those things you will need to do some work,
including modifying your environment variables for PATH, MANPATH,
and possibly the LIBS stuff too. That way the OS knows to look in
your places as well as the standard places.

BTW none of this is unique to Linux, most multi user OS work this
way too including Windows XP/Vista.

> Thanks for all the help.   BTW, I think-with this post-I've figured
> out how to correctly reply within this tutor envronment.  I THINK!?

Well it got to me ok! :-)

Alan G 

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