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On 10/15/07, surendra kumar <surendrak2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Please give me details of python tution, Thanks
> surendra kumar
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Send your questions to the Tutor maillist: Tutor at python.org.
When replying to a post, select 'Reply to all' (or the equivalent
on your mail-reader), as the default is set to reply only to the poster.
You'll get a better response when the whole list can read your post.
Please don't start a new thread (Subject) by replying to an existing
thread. Please compose a new post with a new Subject.
It is a good idea to send in a snippet of code with your question,
along with any error messages. It is also a good idea to let the
Tutors know which version of Python you are using.

With that in mind, ask your Python questions on this list.

That's a good start! 8^D
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