[Tutor] symbol encoding and processing problem

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Oct 17 14:07:37 CEST 2007

Timmie wrote:
> I tried your advice yesterday evening.
>> And see if you get a ç.
> I see this character.
> from easygui import easygui
> raw = unicode("121ø 55' 5.55''", 'utf-8')
> => gets a encoding error

Then your source file is not really in UTF-8.

BTW you can simply say
   raw = u"121ø 55' 5.55''"

> raw = unicode("121ø 55' 5.55''", 'cp1250')
> => this works while coding on windows.
> How do I make it work really crossplatform: On both Linux and Windows?

Get an editor on Windows that can edit UTF-8 text files and file 
transfer software that doesn't change the text encoding. Work with UTF-8 


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