[Tutor] How to implement function like this?

Yinghe Chen chenyinghe at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 10:21:59 CEST 2007

Hello gurus,

I have a question, a function like below, it is implemented by me, :)

def funcA(tarray):
       a = [2,3,4]
        if len(tarray) >=3:
             return a[0],a[1], a[2]
        elif len(tarray) == 2:
            return a[0],a[1], funcB(1)[0]
        elif len(tarray) == 1:
           return a[0], funcB(2)[0], funcB(2)[1]
            return funcB(3)[0], funcB(3)[1], funcB(3)[2]

The return of funcA is always 3 values, but depending on the length of
tarray, I need to return different values accordingly.  if tarray lenght is
2, I need to get another one value from funcB, if tarray length is 0, I need
to get all three values from funcB.

Is there a brief way to achieve it?

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