[Tutor] A new Kent essay: A Brief Introduction to Beautiful Soup

Eric Brunson brunson at brunson.com
Wed Oct 24 02:07:29 CEST 2007

That's funny.  Knowing Alan is from the UK, when I saw Kent was from 
Manchester I thought he was Alan's countrymate.

You know the British (at least my cousins) make fun of us for always 
having to say our state.  "Paris, Texas", "Boston, Mass", "Tampa, FL".  
But, we just have so many more towns, everyone started reusing the 
names, not to mention that most of the names we didn't steal from the 
natives, we jacked from the old world.  ;-)

Ted Roche wrote:
> On 10/23/07, Dick Moores <rdm at rcblue.com> wrote:
>> <http://personalpages.tds.net/~kent37/kk/00009.html>
> And if you're in the Manchester, New Hampshire, USA area, perhaps you
> can stop by Thursday night and witness Kent himself presenting his
> essay and a follow-on scrum using Beautiful Soup to parse out a couple
> of web pages:
> http://dlslug.org/pipermail/python-talk/2007-October/000639.html

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