[Tutor] 'source' in python or preloading variables

John washakie at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 17:23:41 CEST 2007

The problem is the infies are also being used in a shell scripted
environment, they are frequently updated and cannot be changed.

So ideadly I could just define a function which sourced the file, assuming
the variable names passed in the *args list. So, yes, I know the names, they
just haven't been set in the program. I would like the source program to
then define them. My re is not so great, but I'm assuming the statement

cmd = '\n'.join([re.sub( r'^([^=]+)=(.*)$', r"\1='\2'", v) for v in lines])

assumes the pattern VAR[i]=variable , and then makes it Python friendly.

So it would look like:


then in the program, before exec(cmd) the *args list has to be converted
into empy lists, preparing it for the cmd. Does that make sense??

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