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The problem is that I have another tool that has an initialization period when you start it up. I want to see how long it takes for it to start up or initialize. So, I set up the tool to startup and after it finishes the init stage, load up a file which has a custom procedure. Then run this custom procedure that executes an exit command. So, to time the entire init process, I want to use python. I first take a time stamp. Then execute the tool with os.system. Once it finishes, I take another time stamp. Subtract the two and get a general time of execution or init for the other program. What do you think?

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> I am trying to run a timing script but I need the python program 
> to stop and wait for the executable to finish. Does anyone have 
> any examples of doing this?

There are several ways to do it depending on what exactly 
you are trying to do. We need a bit more detail.

If the "timing script" is an externalo program then if you run 
it using os.system() your code will wait(ie block) until system() 
returms - which is when the program executed exits.

However os.system() is a bit of a blunt tool and 
often not the best solution. If we know what the 
real problem is we might do better.

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