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If you have your own server to run it on, I think it would make sense to use
one of the Python web frameworks that are out there. I used cherrypy for my
first web-based python project and I found it very easy to learn and develop
in quickly.

On 06/09/07, Fiyawerx <fiyawerx at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys, quick question, I've been trying to learn python lately, and have
> written a few little apps to help with some day to day stuff I do, and
> recently my fiance asked me if it was possible to come up with a simple web
> based schedule she can use with the other teachers in her school to schedule
> library time. (She's the librarian). Basically, it will be a small calendar
> like app that will have 'slots' teachers can sign up for. It doesn't sound
> like it would be too complicated, and may be a good learning project. I was
> wondering if python as cgi would be good for this, and if there are any
> pitfalls I need to watch out for before I start delving into it. I'm also
> fairly new to writing my own html so will basically be learning it all from
> scratch.
> TIA,
>  Lee McClintock
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