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tutor-bounces at python.org wrote on 09/10/2007 07:29:24 AM:

> Hi all
> just learning python really and been using the livewires tutorial / 
worksheets to get some experience.
> I have hit an issue which is just my lack of understanding around 
looping concepts and execution.
> My issue:
> in worksheet 5-robots.pdf attached, page 4 the challenge
> "Challenge: Write a loop that makes the circle move smoothly from (0,0) 
to (640,480): in other words, from the bottom left
> to the top right of the screen."
> this has got me a bit stumped because its an (x,y) co-ordinate pair that 
I want to update.
> I think in a loop i need to draw a circle, move a circle, remove the 
> I thought I needed to for loops to iterate through two ranges but this 
is wrong, here is my code though!
> from livewires import *
> begin_graphics()
> allow_moveables()
> x=range(10,640,10)
> y=range(10,480,10)
> for xco in x:
>     for yco in y:
>         c = circle(xco,yco,5)
>         move_to(c, xco,yco)
> #        remove_from_screen(c) /*commented this out to see output on 
graphics window */
> end_graphics()

If I understand the requirements correctly: you are moving along the 
diagonal of the map.
So say 100 time steps to move the distance.

time step: 0    position:  (0,0)
time step: 1    position: (64,48)
time step: 2    position: (128,96)

so the new x and y move together with a different delta so that they reach 
their max at the same time.
Your only loop would be what time step you are on.

x,y =0,0
for time in range (timesteps):

I would think that would do the trick.
But I haven't had any coffee yet this morning, so if I missed something, 
let me know.


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