[Tutor] automate daily tasks

David Perlman dperlman at wisc.edu
Wed Sep 12 00:20:03 CEST 2007

As far as making something run automatically at various times, if  
you're certain that you want to do it in a Mac-only way, Apple's  
recommended method for timing jobs is described here:
"Getting started with launchd"
otherwise use cron or at, as Tom said.

On Sep 11, 2007, at 11:54 AM, chinni wrote:

> I am working on MAC OS x my project is updating all ready installed  
> products.I have to automate this in python.so,can any one will give  
> some suggestions and some examples how to automate.some basic  
> things of my project is ... i think u all know that there will be a  
> plist file for each product in mac.i have to degrade the version of  
> plist automatically through my script and it has to edit the plist  
> file and degrade it to least version and as to check for updates by  
> itself.like this there are 15 products under this now each time i  
> can't go and degrade the version and save it and run updates  
> manually..so,that can any one plz..tell me how to start from first  
> step...

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