[Tutor] calling class instances in functions

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Sep 12 13:33:20 CEST 2007

Ara Kooser wrote:
Your question is not very clear but I made some guesses below.

>         zz = raw_iput("What kind of yeast cell do you want to add?
> Options:GoodYeast")
>         #Here I want to call this instace of GoodYeast from yeast_cell.py

So you want the user to input the name of a class and you create an 
instance of the class? Try
cls = getattr(yeast_cell, zz)
instance = cls()

> class GoodYeast:
> #Cooperates all the time
>     YEAST = 'G'
>     #Should change generic variable @ in the world to G???

This is just assigning a class variable. The assignment is made at the 
time the class is defined, not when an instance is created, so that is 
not what you want either.

>     def __init__(self,name):
>         self.name = name
>         currency = 0
>         location = []

I agree with John that changing a global variable in another module when 
a class instance is created doesn't seem like a great design, but you 
can do it here with
           import main # or whatever the main module is called
           main.YEAST = 'G'

In general it is good to avoid circular dependencies like this, they 
lead to a variety of complications. Maybe YEAST could be a variable in 
the yeast_cell module?


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