[Tutor] Image Analysis

Eike Welk eike.welk at gmx.net
Wed Sep 12 17:05:01 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 12 September 2007 05:09, Dave Kuhlman wrote:
> Please do not stuff 1 MB emails in my mailbox.  Either (1) post the
> images on the Web and provide a link or (2) ask before emailing
> large attachments.

Sorry! I guess I'm spoiled by my ADSL connection. I did not know that 
the limit is so low (40 KB). 

I did really consider to put the images on a web server, but the 
Berlios ftp server was down last night. (It's the only one where I 
have bookmarked the upload directory.) It was also late and I wanted 
to send the message before it would become pointless; so I sent it 
with the images attached.

To the moderators: 
Thank you for posting my big message.

Kind regards,

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