[Tutor] Which Python Script Editor of Choice?

Scott Nelson sirgnip at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 19:28:52 CEST 2008

> Komodo also often gets props from the "IDE People" I've known.

 To throw another one into the mix, ActiveState has a free/open source
version of its Komodo IDE called "Komodo Edit".  I downloaded it and played
with it for a few minutes awhile ago.  Seems pretty slick.  Anyone have any
first hand experience with this one?  It also supports more than just Python
(also does Perl, PHP, Ruby, Rails, etc.)

(FWIW, most of the time, I use PythonWin to edit code and a command prompt
to run scripts)

> Btw, if people know of good IDE's other than PIDA that are free, run on
windows and linux and allow use of VIM as the editor, please let me know.

Looking at Komodo Edit's page, it supports Win/Mac/Linux, has "Vi
emulation", and is free (not crippled in any way that I know of.  It just
has a smaller feature set when compared to the full Komodo).
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