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Anthony Baldwin tonytraductor at linguasos.org
Thu Apr 10 04:30:36 CEST 2008

Alan Gauld wrote:
> "Que Prime" <queprime at gmail.com> wrote
>> I have a folder of 150,000 pdf files and I need to copy 20,000 of 
>> them to
>> another folder.  The ones I need to copy are in a .txt file.
Assuming the text file is a list of those to be copied,
wouldn't a simple bash script do the trick?
(don't know about windows, but this would work on Mac or Linux,
and, I assume there must be a way to do this with a  windows command 
line script of some sort.)


cd /path/to/dir/with/files/and/list

llistofiles=$(cat "your .txt file here")

echo "Copying files..."

for each i in $listofiles
cp $i /path/to/other/folder/$i

echo "All done...b'bye..."


Or, perhaps with tcl


set listofiles [read "your txt file here"]

puts "Copying files..."

foreach a {$listofiles} {
file copy $a /path/to/target/dir

puts "All done...b'bye..."


I imagine python could do something quite similar,
but confess I am just lurking on this list and have barely begun
to learn python.


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