[Tutor] Python, CGI and CSS

Alex Krycek agent.krycek at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 22:22:47 CEST 2008


I've looked all over the internet but have not found an answer to my
question. How do I apply an external stylesheet to the XHTML in a Python
script? I tried to include the standard "<link rel='stylesheet'
type='text/css' href='style1.css' />"" in with the rest of the printed
XHTML. But that didn't work. I changed the href attribute to "/style1.css",
then to "../style1.css" and finally to "http://localhost/cgi-bin/style1.css",
all failed attempts. Just so you know, both sets of permissions for these
two files have been set to 755. I tried other cgi scripts (still residing in
the cgi-bin) and they did work. I checked the error log, and this is what
I'm getting: (2)No such file or directory.

When I took both files out of my cgi-bin, as a test, the CSS rules were
implemented. I'm not sure why it stops working when located in the
cgi-bin folder.

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