[Tutor] Python Programming Tools

Jordan Greenberg jordangreenberg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 16:49:02 CEST 2008

bhaaluu wrote:
 > A (mainly Java) programmer on a LUG mailing list asks:
 > What is a good IDE [for Python] that has Python tools for:
 > library management,
 > code completion,
 > debugging,
 > documentation,
 > help
 > Since I'm not familiar with Java at all, I'm not sure how many
 > of the things he is asking for, are even relevant for Python?
 > I'm presuming he is working with a team, and is developing
 > complex programs.
 > What do _you use?

Personally, I use Emacs for more or less everything. As far as a more 
complete IDE solution goes, PyDev for the Eclipse platform is pretty 
popular. If you're willing to spend some $$$, then PyDev Extensions 
(also for Eclipse) are good, or ActiveState's Komodo IDE. They seem to 
be the gold standard.

-Jordan Greenberg

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