[Tutor] What has Editor X got that PyWin32 hasn't?

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Wed Aug 13 12:06:54 CEST 2008

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 1:10 AM, vishwajeet singh <dextrous85 at gmail.com>wrote:

> I use pydev eclipse plugin for python and it saves me alot time.
> Packages and modules can be maintained pretty well and if error is in some
> dependent file I dont have to go to that folder to open it eclipse does it
> for me.
> Integration with subversion and JIRA also help me to work in a better way.

I tried pydev for about a week - I'd started using SPE (Stani's Python
Editor, http://pythonide.stani.be/) after about five days of Python, and was
feeling a bit guilty that I was still using "training wheels"...  Damn, that
week sucked.  More than ever, I pity full-time Java coders and the
monstrosities they have to put up with.  I tried Wing for a few days; meh.
I ran back to SPE as fast as I could, and have only flirted with vim since.
(Vi and vim have been New Year's resolutions of mine for about twenty years
now.  Everybody who uses vim raves about its greatness, but it took me less
time to write my first useful Python program than it did to figure out how
to open, change, and save a file in vim.  OK, I exaggerate a BIT...)

Good Things about SPE:
-  Tabbed editing
-  "Output" pane, plus separate terminal pane for quickies
-  Click on any line in an error traceback to jump to the offending line.
Any file that isn't already, opens automatically when you click it.
-  Left pane toggles between:
   -  Code outline; specially formatted comment lines appear as section
headers in outline
   -  Todo list
   -  Index
   -  Notes
   -  TabNanny compiling checker (finds errors that work OK now, but might
bite you later)
   -  File browser
-  Collapse/expand blocks of code for compact viewing
-  Syntax highlighting (of course!)
-  Code completion, inline help with function/method parameters
-  Excellent integration with WinPdb debugger
-  Excellent integration with PyDoc documentation
-  TabNanny

Not-so-Good Things:
-  Integrated subversion would be a nice plus.  (Actually, I use Bazaar
-  Programs you start from inside the IDE run as children of SPE, so inherit
SPE's environment.  Not really a Bad Thing, just something to be aware of -
if you make changes to the environment, and want your program to see them,
run it from outside SPE or else restart SPE (which takes a fraction of the
time it takes to restart Eclipse, by the way.)

One Of These Days, I'm sure I'll get around to learning vim, and I'll wonder
what I ever did without it.  Until then, I'm using SPE.

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