[Tutor] What has Editor X got that PyWin32 hasn't?

ALAN GAULD alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 13 17:38:18 CEST 2008

> Everybody who uses vim raves about its greatness, but it 
> took me less time to write my first useful Python program 
> than it did to figure out how to open, change, and save a 
> file in vim.  OK, I exaggerate a BIT...)

But not much.  - The point about vi/vim is that it is 
written for power users. It makes no compromises 
for newbies. As such it has one of the steepest 
learning curves of any editir. But once you grasp 
the concepts it is one of(if not the) fasyest text 
editors around. Everything is designed to minimise 
typing for expert users- on the basis that you 
will spend far more time using it as an expert 
than you will becoming an expert.

My first experience of vi was on the OS/9 real-time OS at uni.
I had no alternative editor so I had to learn it (it was called 
scred = scvreen editor - on OS/9!) but I hated it after Turbo 

then at work we moved fopm Vax to unix and I came across 
vi again. but this time surrounded by ex unix hackers who 
showed me its mysteries. More importantly they introduced 
me to tutvi (aka vitutor) which was where I had the flash of 
light that showed the logic in the keystrokes and in the modal 
way of working. I used vi/emacs equally on *nix systems 
ever since (and even ex sometimes - ex is the line mode 
of vi! - think edlin on DOS...

When I moved to PC I found that emacs didn't seem to
work so well on Windows so I stopped using it, but vim 
(gvim) was as good as ever!

On the subject of eclipse, i tried it, and am now having 
to use it at work, and it was nice but slowwwwwww. 
Now I have a much faster PC I might try pydev again.
Anyone know how to get a >>> prompt in eclipse?

BTW One final option that i really like as a vim 
alternative for newbies is Scite.
Its a more powerful version of the Pythonwin editor 
so everything you know from pythonwin works but 
it also does a zillion other languages plus has 
tabbed editing.
Plus its very small and works from a flash drive so 
is easy to carry around.


Alan G
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