[Tutor] study advice on javascript to python hand-off

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Thanks all for the quick responses.

Yes, though Dabo looks like an interesting tool, I am headed the route of a
web-based form.

@Chad: I haven't checked out Turbogears but have been dabbling with django
for a bit.

Djanog's baked-in admin interface for data entry approaches what I'm trying
to accomplish, but doesn't quite get me there.

But I figured I needed to get back to basics. So just to clarify, is this
indeed something that is properly accomplished using Ajax? (whether xml or

Meantime, I'll get started reading up on HTTP. It's one area I haven't
really delved into yet.

Thanks again!

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> > This is a three tier framework where you can use any back end
> > you want.
> >   They currently support the major ones: MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL,
> > MSSql to name the ones I can think of.
> >
> > http://dabodev.com/wiki/FrontPage
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> Dabo might be a good solution if you are making GUI client-side apps.
> Note that the OP mentioned using Javascript, so I'm assuming that the
> OP is thinking about a web-based front end. It really depends on the
> number of users and other factors. If there are many users, then a
> web-based front end is possibly better in that each user does not have
> to install software to use the application.(Only the browser is
> required) Having each user install software can become a maintenance
> nightmare if not implemented properly. Having the entire application
> on a server allows you to make changes without having to deploy it to
> many users. On client-side GUI apps, it'd be good to develop something
> that checks if a new version of the software is necessary to download.
> Oh well, I think I've babbled on enough about client side apps vs
> web-based server side apps. I guess you get the idea.
> Mike
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