[Tutor] study advice on javascript to python hand-off

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> Thanks all for the quick responses.
> Yes, though Dabo looks like an interesting tool, I am headed 
> the route of a web-based form.
> @Chad: I haven't checked out Turbogears but have been 
> dabbling with django for a bit.
> Djanog's baked-in admin interface for data entry approaches 
> what I'm trying to accomplish, but doesn't quite get me there.
> But I figured I needed to get back to basics. So just to 
> clarify, is this indeed something that is properly 
> accomplished using Ajax? (whether xml or json)?
> Meantime, I'll get started reading up on HTTP. It's one area 
> I haven't really delved into yet.
> Thanks again!

You might look at using a JavaScript toolkit like Dojo to handle your AJAX and JavaScript events. The nice thing about these is they make it easy to do AJAX calls and work across multiple browsers. JQuery seems to be the popular one now, but there are many JavaScript toolkits to choose from.


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