[Tutor] What has Editor X got that PyWin32 hasn't?

bob gailer bgailer at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 01:54:21 CEST 2008

Dick Moores wrote:
> At 08:58 PM 8/13/2008, bob gailer wrote:
>> One thing I really like about Python Win is the integrated debugger, 
>> which takes no time to start up. SPE OTOH uses WinPDB which runs as a 
>> separate process that takes (in the demo video) 15 seconds to start 
>> (each time it is requested)! Since I depend heavily on the debugger 
>> that delay would drive me crazy!
> Hm, I just measured how long Ulipad takes to get going with WinPDB, a 
> plug-in: 20 seconds, but 10 seconds for a restart.

Since you mention Ulipad I may have tried WinPDB there instead of SPE. I 
just remember trying it and not liking it. Python Win is totally 
integrated and seamless.
> Other than the time to start, could you compare debugging with Python 
> Win and debugging with WinPDB?

I'll taks a stab. All I know about WinPDB is what I see in the SPE 
video, so it probably is not the truth. What I see is a screen cluttered 
with a lot of windows, and having to switch application to access the 
output window or the code editor to make changes. Wth PyWin I work in 
the same familiar environment. The interactive window is available for 
viewing output and entering Python statements and expressions. If I want 
to see the stack or watch variables I can open floating or dockable windows.

Python Win serves my workflow. I am editing a script. I decide to run it 
so I can see what steps it takes and what values my variables are getting.

All I have to is press F10 in the active window and execution starts 
with the first statement. I can set breakpoints with F9, control 
execution with F11 F10 shift-F11 F5 and shift-F5. I can edit my source 
on the fly (changes of course do not take effect until the next 
execution cycle, and I must take care to not delete or add lines (the 
debugger does not know about such changes).

I can set a condition for a breakpoint.

OTOH WinPDB displays more information (witness locals globals exceptions 
and threads). I don't know how PythonWin handles threads.



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