[Tutor] What has Editor X got that PyWin32 hasn't?

Eike Welk eike.welk at post.rwth-aachen.de
Sat Aug 16 00:41:19 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 12 August 2008, Jaggo wrote:
> Hello.
> I haven't much experience with programming.
> I'd like to point this question to programmers who write in editors
> other than the default PyWin32:
> Why do you use your editor rather than using Pywin? What feature
> has editor X got that PyWin hasn't?
> (That is, other than "My editor runs on unix / linux"; while that
> does count for something it is rather irrelevant to my current
> situation.)
> Thanks in advance,
> Omer.

If you want to try out something basic, try Rope:

If has fairly good syntax completion and it is good in renaming 
everything (variables, classes, functions). It has also syntax 
However, it is ugly as hell, and the usability is horrible. It has no 
graphical debugger. I just read that it comes with EMACS keybindings, 
so you'll have to edit a configuration file to set it to something 

It should run on Windows too, since it is written in pure Python. I 
really used it to write a small program. It is definitely usable.

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