[Tutor] Downloading RTSP streams quicker than real time streaming

xbmuncher xboxmuncher at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 07:35:27 CEST 2008

Trying to create a program to download RTSP streams. I know that RTSP
streams are live, so its hard to know if the stream will ever end, but the
streams I'm concerned about are fixed length. *I wonder if its possible to
know if the streaming content is fixed length or not.... *
*Anyways*, I'm wanting to be able to quicken the streaming (thus download)
of the stream, maybe to trick it by sending whatever signal required to make
it stream more pieces of information quicker, so I can download the stream
quicker than real time streaming.
I've searched for a *RTSP library for python*.. haven't found anything
useful, mostly unanswered threads in other mailing lists! *So do you know of
one? or perhaps any other useful information/pointers/source that could help
in the tasks described above?*

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