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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 08:13:21 CEST 2008

2008/8/21 Robert Berman <bermanrl at embarqmail.com>:
> One can 'quasi' compile Python code. Since you come from a C background and
> I come from a C++ background, a Python compile isn't really compiling an
> object module. I don't see an object file, I don't see an executable;
> therefore, in my opinion, Python is an interpretive language and I love it.
> It is easy to work with. It is incredibly friendly, incredibly powerful, and
> it makes building algorithms and shells not only easy but also fun. I really
> like this language. The more I learn of it, the more I like it. True,  at
> times I do miss the speed of C and C++; but I think we tend to ignore the
> cost of development time excesses in those languages.

I don't have more of a C background than a one-semester course in
university. But the details between the languages are night and day. I
am enjoying Python. I recently heard that Python is like writing
psuedo-code that runs. I am seeing that this is true. I especially
love the use of indentation for block demarcation.

> To answer your question, I hope. You get errors from the interpretor and
> from Python at run time. The interpretor errors tend to be very easy to spot
> and to fix; they are primarily indentation or syntax errors. The run time
> errors actually show you what failed. You can experiment until you fix them.

Error are certainly the best way to learn.

> I hope you enjoy using the language as much as I do.


Dotan Cohen



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