[Tutor] Script to take a screenshot of my website.

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Dec 22 19:39:53 CET 2008

"Bryan Fodness" <bryan.fodness at gmail.com> wrote

> I would like to take a screenshot of my website without opening the 
> browser

I dont really know what you mean by this? The appearance of a web site
depends on many factors, not least the size of the browser window.
But different browsers render pages differently too - and thats not 
to bugs its deliberately included in the concept of HTML. - it is not 
page layout language.

Indeed if viewed in a text browser like lynx it will look very 
But even something "standard" like IE looks totally different between 
and PC versions. And thats without taking account of user preferences
over the colours of hyperlinks, font styles and sizes, security 
etc etc.

So I'm not sure what you think you could capture without knowing what
computer, OS and browser (and the user settings thereof) was going
to be used...

Alan G. 

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