[Tutor] IDLE problems

Pearce Michal yodaalmighty2000 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 18:05:29 CET 2008

ok, so I just started working with python, however I have been working with
Java for awhile, and am fairly familiar with it. my problem with Python is
for the IDLE editor, and it is this: the return key, or enter key not only
moves the editor to the next line, but also executes the script. so if I
tried to enter a line like:

x = input("enter a value: ")
if x == 1:
     print "you entered one"
elif x == 2:
     print "you entered two"
elif x == 3:
     print "you entered three"

after I entered the line " x = input("enter a value: ") and ask "enter a
value: " I would type a number, and the script would end.

basically, I am wondering if there is a way to make it not execute when you
press return. I looked through the options, and it said the F5 key is what
executes the script, (but I am on a laptop, so pressing F5 turns up the

anyway, please help!
thanking to you in advance,

Yoda Almighty.
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