[Tutor] Hello and newbie question about "self"

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Wed Feb 6 02:15:36 CET 2008

>> I probably won't need to start writing classes but I really want to
>> finish the book before I start coding something.

One of the greatest mistakes of my life was to completely finish a 
programming book before I started coding something. It is why I cannot write 
a Visual Basic program to this day, even though I read through an absolutely 
excellent book. I even said to myself, "This will totally help me write 
Visual Basic programs as easily as I write Python programs". So instead, I 
learned C.

Always, always write code as you read a book. If it is a good 
book/programming language, you should be able to write working programs with 
increasing complexity as you continue in the book. Also, it is a good idea 
to periodically go back and observe code that you have written in the past 
and revise it to better reflect the skills you garner later. 

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