[Tutor] designing POOP

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Sat Feb 9 00:33:06 CET 2008

> There is nothing like growing a program to the point where you don't
> know how it works or how to change it to make you appreciate good design

Amen. I was recently fighting with an example of a multi-client, simple 
server that I wanted to translate into assembly. Not only was the code 
unreadable, but they had tried to apply a functional programming technique 
that failed miserably.

Final result: Less # of lines, better readability, and slightly more 
algorithm efficient. Even with that change of language to something 
horrendously verbose.

Key idea:  Choose a design wisely. Understand that if a design does not 
enhance readability or code reusability, it's a bad design. 

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