[Tutor] opening a pipe?

Poor Yorick org.python.tutor at pooryorick.com
Tue Feb 12 19:48:45 CET 2008

>  From: James Hartley <>
>  Subject: [Tutor] opening a pipe?
>  Sent: 2008-02-12 09:24
>  A Perl script can easily serve as a filter within a pipe as seen in
>  the following:
>  use strict;
>  use warnings;
>  open(IN, 'cat hello.txt |') or die 'unable to open file';
>  while (<IN>) {
>      print;
>  }
>  close(IN);
>  Can I do the same within Python?  Thanks.

os.popen can do this.  The 'commands' module provides even more flexibility.  If you are on a posix platform and want to avoid shell interpretation, you could also try my pipeline package at 


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