[Tutor] Understanding the ImageDraw Options

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Feb 14 00:09:08 CET 2008

Wayne Watson wrote:
> I started getting acquainted with the ImageDraw class (Object). 
> <http://effbot.org/imagingbook/imagedraw.htm>  My question here is are 
> there more detailed explanations somewhere for the options? 
> It gives no idea what the choices are for options in the argument list.

There is an Options section on the page you reference. It lists the 
options as outline, fill and font. Outline and fill seem to take color 
arguments. The Colours section tells how to specify colors. The font 
argument is specified as taking an ImageFont value. It doesn't 
explicitly say, but from the example the options seem to be keyword 

> This contrasts with the more detailed descriptions in the document at 
> New Mexico Tech, which goes into considerable detail on options for the 
> Tkinter class.

Which really has nothing to do with the ImageDraw docs at all. Different 
projects have docs of different quality...


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