[Tutor] web.py vs webwareforpython

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 21 17:34:39 CET 2008

"OkaMthembo" <zebra05 at gmail.com> wrote

> I am just very curious as to which python web framework will 
> ultimately be
> the best to work with; and i dont want to waste time trying if some 
> arent
> worth the trouble.

I think that may be why Kent asked his question, since neither
webware nor web.py are the dominant Python web
frameworks as far as I can tell.

If I was a gambling man my money would currently be on
Django, mainly because my personal favourite TurboGears
seems to have had a strategic stumble and lost clarity somewhat.

But there are so many web frameworks for Python that it's
a very difficult question to answer. Fortunately almost all
web frameworks work in similar underlying ways so moving
from one to the other is not as difficult as moving betweeen
GUI tookits, say.

Alan G. 

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