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Marc Tompkins marc.tompkins at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 20:28:20 CET 2008

Sorry to jump in the middle here, but I have a somewhat related question...

I have a few websites set up for my clients, mostly using Mambo/Joomla
(PHP-based).  My clients tend to be small brick-and-mortar businesses
(doctors, lawyers, etc.) who merely wish to use their website as an
extension of their marketing effort, not as a storefront, and generally I
set the thing up / perform updates, etc. and turn over the day-to-day
running of the site (posting new articles/pictures/videos, running fora,
sending newsletters) to a member of their staff.

I'd love to switch to a Python-based solution for my future and ongoing
projects, and Django looks very exciting to me, but...  honestly, Django
won't run on most commodity-grade web hosts.  And I'm frankly sick of
hearing the knee-jerk response "GoDaddy sucks!  1and1 sucks!" because, darn
it, they work just fine with Joomla.  Django requires "long-running
processes", which a cheap webhost obviously doesn't like...

I don't really have anything against Joomla - it's worked well for me - but
I do feel pretty silly raving about how great Python is, and then when the
subject of web development comes up having to shuffle my feet and say
"...ummm... well, there I use PHP.  But Python's really great!"
I also don't have a love affair going with GoDaddy or 1and1, but they've
both been very affordable and (especially GoDaddy) very easy to work with,
which I can't say for a lot of other companies I've dealt with.  They've
also both been around for a few years, and I'm confident that they still
will be there in a few more.  These are all very important to me and my
I'd like - if possible - to use a relatively mature framework which I can
then extend.  I'm happy starting from scratch and experimenting with my own
personal hobby projects, but in this area I'd like the core functionality to
"just work".

So my question is: does anybody have a good Python-based CMS / template /
whatever framework up and running on a commodity-priced, shared webhost?  If
so, which one?  Which host?  Inquiring minds wanna know.
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