[Tutor] SSH with Python

Eric Walstad eric at ericwalstad.com
Wed Feb 27 23:16:06 CET 2008

Eric Brunson wrote:
> Tom wrote:
>> I have a webfaction server (highly recommended btw) and I'm trying to
>> use automate some tasks over ssh but I'm not having much luck with
>> pyssh http://pyssh.sourceforge.net/ .
>> Some of the docs mention methods that don't exist in the version I
>> downloaded, such as pyssh.run.
>> I'm using windows vista (work pc). Any ideas?
> I've never used pyssh, so I can't comment directly on your problems.  We 
> use paramiko very successfully.  It's well documented and has excellent 
> example code included with the source.
> http://www.lag.net/paramiko/

Also have a look at pexpect which essentially wraps command line calls. 
  I use it to automate mysql backups on my webfaction account.  Here's 
the meat of the code:

import pexpect
cmd = "ssh foouser at foohost 'mysqldump --opt -p foodb > foodb.sql'"
child = pexpect.spawn(cmd)

# expect mysql to prompt for a db password
child.expect('Enter password: ')
# send the password


It looks like there is now a pexpect SSH module.  I've not used it, just 

I hope that helps.


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