[Tutor] providing a Python command line within a Tkinter appl

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Jan 1 10:29:19 CET 2008

"Garry Willgoose" <garry.willgoose at newcastle.edu.au> wrote

> packages in the first place). Plan A was that I'd somehow like to 
> use
> the python interpreter for this but I can't find any obvious way to
> do this.

Take a look at the IDLE source cocde. IDLE's interactive shell is
essentially what you want - a python interpreter insode aTkinter 

If you were using wxPyton then the WxPy package has a shell
component that you could have used, but I don't know of any such
component for Tkinter. However it might be possible to re-use
the IDLE code...


Alan Gauld
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