[Tutor] Choice of GUI builders

Tiago Saboga tiagosaboga at terra.com.br
Thu Jan 3 13:06:01 CET 2008

On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 02:11:03AM -0800, Marc Tompkins wrote:
> on, and its idiom felt more comfortable to me than the others.  Also, unlike
> Qt, it's free... I hate to be a cheapskate, but I'm a very small business
> and I need to put food on my family, so the Qt license is a major hurdle.

But since 2005, according to wikipedia, the Qt Windows is also
licensed under the GPL. Am I missing something?

> <rant>
> I have to say, though, that as a recovering Visual Studio user there is one
> thing - believe me, it's the only thing! - I miss, and that's an
> honest-to-goodness WYSIWYG GUI designer.  For the love of Pete, if Microsoft
> can get it right - and it's the only thing they did get right, IMHO - why
> can't we?  Why can't you just draw your GUI on the screen and concentrate on
> the actual functionality in peace?

It's why I finally started using Qt. In fact I do not really like
WYSIWYG designers - I always remember html produced by Dreamweaver and
co. - but qtdesigner + pyuic (see pyqt) always gave me readable code. 

Tiago Saboga.

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