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>>OK, wxPython is a fine toolkt. Just be aware that it does not have a GUI
>>builder per se, you have to write the GUI as source code or use a
>>third party GUI builder.

The Add-Ons & Demos for wxPython come with Xrced, which is a GUI
builder for wx, but is not the GUI builder we all think of (VB,
Delphi, C++ Builder, etc)
There are a handlfull of GUI builders for wx, all with varying degrees
of pain & pleasure.
wxDesigner,wxFormBuilder, BoaConstructor, Pythoncard are all builders
for wx, but not all support Python code generation.

I agree with Marc Tompkins" <marc.tompkins at gmail.com> comments and
like wx more than other GUI frameworks.
It's a shame that someone with adequate resources doesn't come up with
a nice commercial WYSIWIG builder for wx, in the same light as Visual
Basic, Delphi, or C++ Builder, (but with Python code generation &
event handler management.)

BTW- There is a list dedicated for wxPython users & development that
is extremely help for questions related to wx.

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